New Pieces in the Works, lusters and texture effects.

So  In my journey of China painting, Lusters have become one of my favorite mediums to work with, and whole not easy,  they are always unique and  some together in amazing and sometimes surprising ways.  some are good,  and , well…. lets face it   some are disasters.     Experimenting in the key  and learning from the good and the bad and finding your own way among the process.     So here is my journey into marble effects using lusters and  marble and crackle and  dispersing techniques to  achieve the look of  stones and marble tiles and minerals and textures.  Please leave a comment on your favorite styles. I will add the next steps of the final pieces.


China paints with lusters and metallic gold veined in splotches of turquoise and jade green


crackle effect on china leaf plate, with carmine red and copper luster over ambers and greens.

MarbletestsaucerF1m102 MarbletestcupF1 CScavehorseBF3goldandcopperonlusters



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