A break From Lusters – taking on Mixing Yellow

So I begin the daunting task of finding a replacement for my beloved Rynne mixing yellow,  such a nice subtle yet bright yellow.    Yet after finding them out of stock and trying a few others,  I’m almost ready to yank hair out.   Why, you ask.  well  I like to mix my colors wet in the brush, and  when using most yellows  I now have, many are not happy with certain colors touching them. ( thy may get cooties)  especially REDS.   The newest Whitley-MY   was a vast dissapointment. On my 10 inch test coupe plate. it completely disapears at an 016 fire.     So it already has gone to the Bin as I like to fire HOt. CSyellowredtestCtrayHere is Rynne mixing yellow , probably even softly blended here with a touch of wet light YR in the back ground , Happy  Happy.   Now I am a bit of a rebel, so maybe my testing will help you down the road who knows,  but as the colors from each distrubutors  change as their main suppliers cannot get the Old paints,  ALL the colors change.

So my Warm color testing will include yellow reds and red oranges  and  Orange.  ( Of which I can only find one that I truly like and can mix at will.

CStestileredsgoldsF1-016left image is after fire CStesttileredsgolds

the NEW mixing yellow from Jmarks and Mixing Yellow 2 for reds.BEFORE CStesttilebeforeYellow-reds

and the after  Fire CSmarksandmixy2redsf1the top left was marks mix yellow,  strong yellow , but  ate away reds where they overlapped.  Ochre on top stayed nice gold color  and mix2  , turned a yellow brown but stayed blended.

New Warm colors and Blends CSwarmcolortest2014Before

More later.CSwarmtestplateF2blendingthis is after adding second layer of same color for depth or , neighboring color over for wash color.   you can see top right even the second painting of whitley Myellow is gone again.    but the yellow mist and MY2 are strong.

Last Tiles with Yellows testing , with a bit of blending.  fired at 017,  Notice that  wet blended, many of the reds still dulled within the yellow.  But over the fired piece,  next step.  they should hold better,  We will see that down the road.

CStestYellowsblends2014tileBF1-017 CStestYellowsblends2014tileF1-017CSYellowrosesTile-sunshine-FGmixYF2

YELLOWS test plate 2 , blending with yellow reds and oranges.

CStest2Yellows-reds-orangeLARGECSyellowTest2with redsF1after fire , sorry about the white balance

here is the close ups,  Surpringly, this time  the reds held well, the procelain, I think matters with this over the ceramic high glaze tiles.

Fired at 017 ,    I will go over a couple of these with a second layer, just to make sure a new layer can be applied over one , without issues.    all for now.   Happy Painting.   CSyellowtest2marksDallasGmyrF1 CSyellowtest2JosTangPWsunfl-ochre CSyellowtest2FGmy-PWochre-sunflow-DallasYR


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