Cool Blackberries ~ Challenge project

So  I accepted a new Challenge from my favorite china painting forum, as have many others , so a bit of a social experiment as well.

Part of the idea is Sharing.   So with that in mind,  I have a study that was shared with another favorite painting group by ‘ Tony A’ , a blackberry study I really liked by Shelly Fairres  ,  inspired by a Jeanne Stewart water color.  ( i will have to look up the original )

I have painted blackberries and raspberries before ,  one of my favorites was testing some new paints, cool colors and building on them in different shades and washes.    I will start my idea from the Lesson study shared,  and try to see If i can get the cool tones and shading I did on my desert bowl , ( which I use often 😉  .

If you have never been  is a WONDERFUL place to learn all about China painting.




my first piece I did on my own. after a 5 year hiatis from learning china painting. about my 6th piece china painting.


These are Cherries, but I can do the same rich color in Berries

A study from Celeste

a lesson study by Celeste

CSberriesLeaves2F      .

Please join me on this new journey  from start to final fire.

Happy Painting !   ~  Cookie


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Dorothy Luke
    Sep 27, 2017 @ 03:04:19

    I found it very interesting as i have never seen anything like it and as I do china Painting will have a go


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