The Importance of keeping a painting journal: Lusters and Blending color.

so many new colors, every new batch I think from different companies can have slight differences. Plus I have many older ones from estate sale. so Now I note what manufacturer as well as color in my painting journal. ….with Diagrams
CSmodern Trivet6inchrubycopperpenwork f2 This old color Ruby luster is hard to find now. colors keep changing .


This example is third fire of a cup . I used black resist first and painted in my poppies. once dry I added cinnamon and Aurora luster on the bottom and red carmine on the the top. Fired 016-17
the next fire I cleaned off most of the fired on black resist, added more carmine to whole cup and a bit of aurora sponged on bottom. ( I used a small piece of cosmetic sponge in a scissor clamp). I used dabbing of ruby china paint in the handle .
for the last fire I added stem and center in dark green, used a red wax pencil to outline my flowers (this acts like a small resist barrier. and added more carmine to richen even darker , the top portion of cup.





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