more Luster blending

So I have some pieces that I keep using to add colors or techniques too, experimental pieces. This weeks color blending experiments. Red carmine. Another interesting tidbit, the same color can fire differently depending on SOOooooo many things. so far this red carmine has run the gamut from a dark magenta like pink, to a rubyish red color, in a recent test I darkend the tone with a brown luster, just a Bit. and got a kindof burgundy maroon. if you look closely , you can see the darker tones.

I also overlayed it on some of the other colors, the iris yellow and green of the leaves. In the kiln now is another mixed piece. I will post it when it is cooled.
I would love to hear you thoughts, Or if you have favorite color combos in your luster journal. cscarminetest1


cscarminetest1bI will continue with the above piece, with some other effects,  but let me move onto another piece, where blending your lusters, seperately with china paints, ( next to each other) I will show you on a plate with copper and platinum , with colors next to with china paints and Metallic paint. . *fired 017cone, Then the second painting, added deeper colors of CP and the outer rim and  banded segments of sponged on Lt blue, and Pale green LUSTERCSlotusCopperPLat-red-ochref1 CSlotusCopperPLat-red-ochreLusteredgesorangeshadingBF2Another LUSTER piece, shows more wet in wet and layers of blending in this Poppy plate , where using masking resist, keeps certain areas clear of colors you only want in one place.  dabbleing with a brush , and tilting  while wet, can give you many different patterns .CSvisionlusterRED-orange-AmberPoppies on bluewith greenleavesF3


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Angela Moseley
    Apr 28, 2015 @ 20:21:15

    I do enjoy reading your blog. Your luster effects are beautiful.


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