Using Drying water base medium for texture and color depth.

One Of the neatest thing about todays china painting are all the cool new products to you . and Mediums , like Drying waterbased medium. ( which dries faster than just ‘water based medium’ ) We tested and figured this out at one of the last workshops. So TEST and see how long when you try yours the first time. mine with hair dryer dries in 10- 20 minutes, depending on how thinck and how much. left on its own within an hour.
This first piece had green pearl luster first on the dish, whith the areas for the flowers resisted. after the luster was fired , I used Joshephine yellow red/ or Ashcroft Poppy red. mixed with DWBM -Drying water based nedium, then thinned a bit with water. DO NOT FORGET it does need to be thinned a bit, not just mixed straight. if you make it very loose it works like pen ink. AFTER this is dried, you can take a toothpick or wooden tool and scratch out your detail in leaves petals stamens, etc. with a DRY brush, wipe away any loose paint from scratchings. then add your other red paint mixed with OIL medium, this will go over your waterbased painting without disturbing it. so you Have 2 layers of color in one session.
In the above photo after 2nd fire of reds, you can see more depth but the scratch out lines from previous painting with DWBM and first red is still visible . CLCIK ON PHOTO to see larger for detail.
a similar technique was used on the planter as well.

MORE To come on this is a bit with more samples.
Special Thanks to the FIREBRICK forum, for first introducing me to this technique. Also Mark Jones for his different ways of using drying waterbased medium in his workshops.

here is a mug, using DWBM on the first step, let dry and mixed complimenting colors over it with open medium. again i scratched out texture of the dried paint before adding the open medium.


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