‘ya gotta do what you Love’ ,……. What colors appeal to you ?

I have always love Blues , Midnight and Turquoise  as well as Reds and Golds . In painting I have a tendency to lean towards  the warm tones.  ( you may have gathered that if you have seen my work before 😉

So sometimes I need to give myself  little assignments .  to change things up.   Well last year I got an order for a set of mugs,  a lady saw  one of mine at a craft sale and wanted something similar yet all a bit different from each other.

the one she liked .CSpinkHibiscusmugBF CSpinkHibiscusmugAF

but she wanted a basic coffee mug shape.   with a different flower and color on each.    So I studied what I did on this mug.  Color theory is always hard for me.  it makes me think.   I had mainly analogous  colors ( one side of color wheel)  with a couple opposing colors for contrast.   and used light and dark values  and Movement in the floral subjects.


I am kinda known for my ” Floppy Flowers, ”

CSLusterdotcupwithpinkflowers CSimpressionistic poppyGold-Ltredrust-carnation-banskiaBf1 CShibiscuscup1 CSHelenpansycup2 so I picked four flowers I liked and went from there.

these are the finished mugs . The lady loved them.


a couple color wheels from the internet.  do a search you will find many.color_wheel2


Here is a good one to start on color theory ( See link Below )


Also  search for Celeste McCall + color theory , she has many informative posts  at the Artchat Proboards that really helped me A LOT !


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