Revisiting Old paintings

We grow as Artists as we learn from others and our styles vary sometimes.   I was going through old photos of my work , and thought I would share  my journey  with you .

Sometimes I like my older stuff better than new , sometimes I like where my journey has taken me.   I want to thank all the artists in the China and porcelain painting world for sharing their knowledge.  I still look through the old study books, its amazing how often we see the same study  sometimes done very differently and sometimes  very close to the




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  1. Vicky S
    Dec 14, 2016 @ 04:01:18

    I like seeing how someone else can redo a painting in their own eyes. I try and redo teachings but I never get it all right. I many times don’t paint inside the lines. I’m more of a slap on painter with many colors. What I’ve found out that water based china paints work real good with fast painting. If there is a mistake I cover it up with another color. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to display them. But not there yet. But I like what you do Cookie!


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