Re-inventing techniques from seminars

Being able to take what you learn from a seminar or work shop  ,and then Change it a bit to make it more your own.  That is what I try to do with any of my Art that I paint.  There are many teacher teachers that teach similar styles and techniques with little variations.   The Good ones use Their Own  drawings sketches and Compositions.   Since I do not get to many seminars , I learn a lot Online.   So If i see something another teachers has shown or done.  I like to give credit  to that teacher or Artist  and respect them enough to NOT copy exactly their work. (  Unless  part of the lesson is to try to get a close representation of that work. )

For Example ,  I Love Peter Faust’s style of using  color and modern elements and making Busy compositions appealing using china paints Lusters and Golds and Platinums.  I have many of his books that  I  look through and read often  , Hoping to soak up the information like a sponge.    See   some examples of studies I have done from his books.   others  using his “techniques  and style ”  to come up with my own similar designs.

The pink and orange is one I did similar to an ornament in PF book.


The two below are  shots from a Peter F seminar workshop.


these below are some of Mine , using similar techniques Lusters and china paints and gold swirls and circles and detail ornamentation.

See this Wild flowers bowl (Below)  is A Cheryl Meggs design ** used as Reference   , similarities yet very  different. 12800202_10205127951070654_7552522630728617842_n

See Pinterest for other Samples.

Here are a few more of mine , using similar styles and changing things up a bit.

(Click on each image to view as slide show. )

CSmodern Trivet6inchrubycopperpenwork f2

and following Marion Balwins Black lacquer effect .



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