The teapots made it out for Christmas

So I said I would post the teapots i was working on for a custom order, so here they are.

And got some wheel practice in, so I will have something to glaze withall the stoneware glazes I am stacking up ūüôā¬†¬† Happy Holidays.¬† and happy painting .


More Porcelain painting , orders to fill

So It is funny in our Journeys  we get sidetracked from one place and veer to another.  That has been where I have been , playing more with Clay lately than my overglazes and Lusters.  But I have a couple  tea pot orders, so I will try to make it an interactive post thru  the beginning to finished products.    they will be  china paints and lusters with various gold and texture elements.   Similar to these vases.

Long time No See. Wow, it has been a while. New journeys and some of the same.

So , I  have started going further into my Clay journey.  What started out as just porcelain pendants and small textured dishes that I could China paint, Has developed into a Pottery Fest.

It is an addiction in its own.¬†¬†¬†¬† Lets take a quick look at the last Year and see where I have evolved.¬†¬†¬†¬† Don’t worry though I have more luster pieces in the kiln cooling as we speak, with 2 more tea pots with…. Yes,¬† Horses of course.¬† they are just in¬† the sketching phase.¬† but maybe I will make the 2 a blog post itself down the road.

Wonderful Lesson from Tybee

So Much  learning to do at Tybee Island.  I found these Old photos from 2 years ago and thought I would share them .

Anyone wanting to go, Its affordable with lessons housing and food inclusive . and THIS IS THE LAST YEAR .

Photos are from Mark Jones Class.  So much Fun.


just goofin’ Off with Mark

That is my Mom in the first photo (below) , she was a very new china painter.  We all had a Blast!

Revisiting Old paintings

We grow as Artists as we learn from others and our styles vary sometimes.   I was going through old photos of my work , and thought I would share  my journey  with you .

Sometimes I like my older stuff better than new , sometimes I like where my journey has taken me.   I want to thank all the artists in the China and porcelain painting world for sharing their knowledge.  I still look through the old study books, its amazing how often we see the same study  sometimes done very differently and sometimes  very close to the



Re-inventing techniques from seminars

Being able to take what you learn from a seminar or work shop  ,and then Change it a bit to make it more your own.  That is what I try to do with any of my Art that I paint.  There are many teacher teachers that teach similar styles and techniques with little variations.   The Good ones use Their Own  drawings sketches and Compositions.   Since I do not get to many seminars , I learn a lot Online.   So If i see something another teachers has shown or done.  I like to give credit  to that teacher or Artist  and respect them enough to NOT copy exactly their work. (  Unless  part of the lesson is to try to get a close representation of that work. )

For Example ,¬† I Love Peter Faust’s style of using¬† color and modern elements and making Busy compositions appealing using china paints Lusters and Golds and Platinums.¬† I have many of his books that¬† I¬† look through and read often¬† , Hoping to soak up the information like a sponge.¬†¬†¬† See ¬† some examples of studies I have done from his books.¬†¬† others¬† using his “techniques¬† and style ”¬† to come up with my own similar designs.

The pink and orange is one I did similar to an ornament in PF book.


The two below are  shots from a Peter F seminar workshop.


these below are some of Mine , using similar techniques Lusters and china paints and gold swirls and circles and detail ornamentation.

See this Wild flowers bowl (Below)  is A Cheryl Meggs design ** used as Reference   , similarities yet very  different. 12800202_10205127951070654_7552522630728617842_n

See Pinterest for other Samples.

Here are a few more of mine , using similar styles and changing things up a bit.

(Click on each image to view as slide show. )

CSmodern Trivet6inchrubycopperpenwork f2

and following Marion Balwins Black lacquer effect .


Art Vase Sold, on its way to new home

My Fur Themed¬† Vase¬† “Tribal Cats”¬† did not get me a trip to Tybee GA¬† this year,¬† but I loved it anyway.¬† It was a bit out of my comfort zone , with many geometric elements and straight lines , not something I¬† excel at. ¬†¬† I found many photos of big cats online and could not decide on just one to paint.¬† so I used bits and pieces¬† to¬† flesh out my design.¬†¬† I do not know original photographers¬† to credit.

I sold it to a repeat buyer ( I do LOVE people that appreciate hand painted work .  Thank you  to those wonderful buyers out there.

The lady was curious to the process , show I showed her a bit of¬† the “in Progress” stage , before the finished 10 fires or so.¬† I thought maybe you¬† out there would also enjoy seeing part of how it was done.

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